Maximize Your Outdoor Kitchen With These Tips!

Maximizing your outdoor kitchens are a ‘win-win’ in our book: they bring the whole family together outdoors and it increases that value of your home. Real estate experts assert that they increase your property’s selling values and ultimately yield a high return on investment. It’s evident that custom-built outdoor kitchens amp up the whole atmosphere of the house, making it a fan favorite among your friends for Fourth of July BBQs and Christmas dinners.

If you aren’t too sure about the idea of an outdoor kitchen, read this post to learn about ways to revamp your outdoor cooking area. It will definitely up-level your dinner party game.

Sophisticated style, state-of-art appliances, and impeccable finishes coupled with functionality and convenience should be the top priority when you are maximizing your outdoor kitchen. The options are endless—from contemporary to modern and traditional.

In this blog, we will tell you about quite a few methods and equipment that will help you customize an outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

Emphasis on the lighting

Luxury lighting goes beyond the overhead lights and recessed pendants we see on Instagram. No matter how much you invest in the equipment or seating, if the light is too sharp, too dim, too flashy, or let’s say just, not right, that’s going to be a deal-breaker.

You also have to keep in mind that lighting for outdoor kitchens may vary significantly than ones used in indoor kitchens. Here is a list of few places you can put lights on:

  • Under cabinets
  • Task lighting
  • Inside cabinets
  • Underneath a bar
  • Above cabinet
  • Rope lighting underneath the kick-board for dramatic and reflective effect

LED lighting gives a temperature cool lighting source while reducing the energy bills—perfect for outdoor kitchens. Don’t forget to place lights on dimmer switches for increased functionality.

Beverage Station for outdoor kitchen

If you are going to maximize an outdoor kitchen, a beverage station is a must. Think about all the days you carried the drinks back and forth from the house. We can simply never stress enough the convenience provided by the beverage station. The good thing is you can customize this station to fit your budget. Some of the beverages that you might like to include are:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Coffee and tea bar
  • Soda and juice
  • Power drinks
  • Now, depending on your drinks of choice, you might want to add the following appliances:
  • Refrigerator drawer
  • Wine refrigerator
  • Ice maker
  • Blenders
  • Pizza Patio

A bbq grill is almost always synonymous with an outdoor kitchen. Most of the time, that’s the whole idea behind building an outdoor kitchen. Pizza Patio is an unusual but sturdy addition that will take your guests by surprise. Whether it’s a wood-fired oven, a countertop model, or a luxury edition, one thing is sure—your friends and families will try to hang out at your place for food more often! It’s a draw on its own but also is the perfect way to elevate the experience of watching games and movies with loved ones. Stainless steel wood-fired ovens with aluminum domes are some of the best models available. These models send the heat over food, allowing for convection cooking and better heat retention. Also, stainless steel pizza ovens heat up in 30-45 minutes—a fraction of time compared to brick ovens.


Frankly, a high-quality refrigerator is simply par for the course when it comes to the outdoor kitchen. It saves you from the trouble of uncountable trips to the house to bring out chilled beverages, snacks, and food. Not just that—with energy-efficient designs and stainless-steel exterior, the refrigerator will also add a more pleasant aesthetic appeal to your kitchen. When looking for an outdoor refrigerator, don’t forget to pay attention to extra insulation, added weatherproofing, and robust components. While choosing the model, you have the option to go for a built-in or freestanding model and various choices on size and capacity. If your audience size is small, you can always choose from a range of compact models.

BBQ Grills to maximize your outdoor kitchen

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that BBQ is the anchor of an outdoor kitchen. It’s the first piece of equipment everyone has in their backyard. When planning an outdoor kitchen, for many, the whole notion revolves around BBQ islands—and that’s justified. If you previously used inexpensive, run-off-the-mill grill, now is the time to introduce sophisticated equipment that ensures high function ability and better taste. Whether you are looking for an infrared grill, burner grill, or the good old charcoal grill—you can optimize it the way you want it and not burn a hole in your pocket. Here, you can choose from a range of CSA-approved grills that come complete with a built-in trim kit, smoker box, warming racks, and igniters on each valve, among many other features.


Often overlooked—having the right outdoor sink and faucets can make all difference. A kitchen sink will add functionality that you’ll only know when you get one! When you are cooking and entertaining guests, a sink will allow you to clean and prep all in one place. Once again, there are many options to choose from for your outdoor kitchen sink. Depending on your style and location preference, you can pick from various mounting options. For instance, an under-mounted sink will give you a seamless look and is an excellent choice if you have a soapstone or granite countertop. If you’re feeling extra, you can opt for something like a triple-basin sink with built-in draining ice bin, bar-like features, and areas for rinsing and draining.

Start maximizing the right outdoor kitchen at our Pinterest page; if you have a smaller space we have ideas for that too.