Custom Outdoor Kitchen Ideas For Smaller Spaces

Many of us think that having a small kitchen is troublesome to keep everything in order, but you won’t feel that way after reading this blog. Here are some great ideas for smaller spaces to your outdoor kitchen. Our goal is to help make your outdoor kitchen suit your needs.

Go with Steel Instead of Stone

Often outdoor kitchen designs include islands made with cinder blocks. This results in bulky, overly large islands, which means less space for you and your family. Instead of opting for cinder, a more customizable and space-friendly design that uses steel elements is better for small spaces.

Steel gives us the versatility and freedom to build narrower and shallower island sections in tighter spaces. But make sure the steel that you’re using is stainless.

Utilizing Wall Space

When there’s not much space on the floor, you must take it to the wall. Your walls can be used for many purposes. Put up some top shelves to accommodate your BBQ tools and dishes or glassware. Just be sure that the shelves are sturdy enough to bear the weight. Sleek, minimalistic options from Sunstone could be right for you if you’re looking to create a bold statement within given space. Made with solid 304 stainless steel material, these easy-to-install cabinets will save you a lot of legwork upfront and after. These are great kitchen ideas for smaller spaces.

Add Storage Helpers (kitchen ideas for smaller spaces)

Storage helpers provide you with the allotted space for segregating certain utensils from rest. It’s no fun to fiddle through all the kitchen utensils to get to your favorite BBQ tool.

I personally love this smartly-designed, weather-proof cabinet from Twin Eagles. The extra-deep interior with fixed shelves offer generous space and flexibility.

Add a Kitchen Trolley

Kitchen trolleys are the best. You can push them aside when you need more space or when you’re done cooking, and you’re ready to socialize. They are also purposeful while taking outside to have a bbq party with your friends.

Install a mini-fridge

Often the fridge takes up a lot of real estate in outdoor kitchens. And because they need to be kept near the electric sockets, they just always seem to be in the way. We always suggest selecting an outdoor fridge on the narrower side for our smaller outdoor kitchen designs.

The Perlick’s 15” Signature Series Outdoor Refrigerator is an excellent option jam packed with handy features. It is small enough to fit perfectly in any sized outdoor entertainment area. Plus, it has 70% faster cooling speeds than leading competitors. Impressive, right?

Opt for vertical design (kitchen ideas for smaller spaces)

In a small kitchen, you need to optimize your vertical space to the fullest. Now, this doesn’t mean that you should put shelves that aren’t within your reach. We suggest putting up proper shelving, and if your outdoor kitchen is covered, we always recommend installing the TV and lights on the walls – so previous surface space is saved for things that cannot go on the wall.

Once again, the Sunstone products mentioned above can serve you really well in this case. From my experience, they work particularly well in California rooms.

Hang everything

We wanted to add more to our point above on ‘using vertical space.” The seldom-used pots and pans take a lot of space in a tiny kitchen. So, hang them on an industrial pot rack to solve the problem of lack of space. As for mugs, you can use simple mug hangers, which you can find in home depot. This dries up the cups right after cleaning. Hanging everything is a great kitchen idea for smaller spaces.

Mobile trays and trolleys

Mobile trays will give you a portable prep surface that can be pushed aside when you need more space for your kitchen.

The perks of having mobile trays and trolleys let you have the freedom to move your preparation surface to anywhere you like. Keeping the plates on it and serving gets more manageable with the mobile trays. It gets even more accessible when the trolleys have racks below the surface. This will let you bring kitchen knives, chop boards, veggies, and everything to make a BBQ party a success.

Use Every Space (kitchen ideas for smaller spaces)

We saved the best kitchen idea for smaller spaces last – using every nook and cranny. When you have a small space to start with, you have to be super mindful about every inch of the space. In inexperienced hands, this spells trouble. You will end up with a run-of-the-mill outdoor kitchen that doesn’t do justice to the price you pay.

And that’s exactly why we’re here. We’ll walk you through all the steps and ensure collaboration in every way to create a custom outdoor kitchen of your dreams!

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