Luxury Outdoor Kitchen: The Ultimate Guide

Remember the days when a barbecue translated to carting the food and cooking equipment outside, shifting it all back to serve it up, going outside once again to eat, and finally getting back inside to do the dishes?

Today, when it comes to cooking, there’s nothing that you can do inside that you can’t do outside. Barbecuing has come a very long way since just charcoal grills and hibachis. Outdoor kitchens of today feature any kind of luxury imaginable – from built-in kegerators and refrigerators to big-screen TVs and extended countertops.

Factors of consideration

There’s no doubt that a luxury outdoor kitchen will change your house completely. A good number of people are investing in a luxury outdoor kitchen for several reasons. While for some, the idea is to simply expand the kitchen, it is the f-factor of being the ideal host or enjoying the outdoors for others. However, there are a few things that should be taken into consideration before investing in an outdoor kitchen.

Climate and Environment

If you live in a region with a mild climate, you’ll most likely be spending more time grilling in your luxury outdoor kitchen. In this case, a large outdoor kitchen is justified. However, if your region experiences extreme weather, it’s wise to build our kitchen within your ward.

Proper Maintenance

Your luxury outdoor kitchen is bound to be exposed to the elements. Even if you don’t use the outdoor kitchen often, surfaces and appliances will need to be covered and maintained timely. Yes, it’s a commitment. You have to weigh in the time and effort it will require to simply maintain your outdoor luxury kitchen.

Cooking Style

Every household has their favorite style and method of outdoor cooking – hamburger cooked over a charcoal barbecue or a pizza cooked in an outdoor brick oven. An outdoor stove can include anything from charcoal, electric, gas, or propane grill. Similarly, factors like the maximum number of people you’ll be cooking for should also be taken into account in your luxury outdoor kitchen.

Available space

If you have a sprawling area available, the challenge will be to make sure you don’t have to walk too far from the house to your luxury outdoor kitchen. However, if you have limited space available, you have to be creative to make sure that your luxury outdoor kitchen isn’t too connected with the indoors.

Permanent or portable

If you live on rent or plan to shift in the next few years, it is a good idea to equip your luxury outdoor kitchen with features and appliances that are portable. However, if it is your permanent residence, you can go all out. You can use materials that coordinate with your home’s exterior.

Choosing the appliances that you need in your luxury outdoor kitchen

There are a wide variety of appliances available in different layouts and materials that you can go with – so, consider what you think you will get the most use out of. Here we have presented a list of most popular appliances used in luxury outdoor kitchens.

Grill Smokers

Usually, people choose a grill of some kind to be the main point and then add other appliances around it. This is practical too. There are several kinds of grills available for outdoor kitchens, from freestanding grills that have flexible installation options to pellet grills that has automatic temperature control to ensure perfect grilling results. Liquid propane grills, which use a proprietary tank instead of fuel from home gas lines, are popular due to easier installation.

Built-in refrigerator for Luxury outdoor kitchen

A built-in refrigerator is yet another popular and essential choice for luxury outdoor kitchen areas. Previously, these refrigerators were only available in small built, but now you can easily find spacious ones. Having a beer, sodas, water bottles, or juice cans conveniently located for your invitees don’t only make it easier for all, but it also prevents them from constantly getting in and out.

Built-in kegerator

An outdoor summer party will likely involve a lot of beer. So, installing a kegerator is yet another popular choice while designing a luxury outdoor kitchen. People usually have a built-in kegerator with at least two taps fitted, but you can go higher if you want. It helps you offer multiples types of beer on the go.

Ice maker

If you think you will need a lot of ice, it’s wise to invest in an ice maker that is available as freestanding or built-in. If you don’t have enough space, you can always choose a portable ice maker. These devices help to keep your drinks perpetually cold but can be stored away if not needed anymore.

Outdoor Warming Drawers

These drawers are perfect to keep the food warm and fresh at a choice of your temperature after you have pulled them off the grill. It helps to keep the food crisp and fresh. Outdoor warming drawers can be easily installed right into most luxury outdoor kitchen islands.

Start visualizing the right outdoor luxury kitchen at our Pinterest page; if you have a smaller space we have ideas for that too.