Why Investing In An Outdoor Kitchen Is The Best Investment

As the days get longer and the weather gets more pleasant, most of us look for ways to enjoy more time outdoors. The pandemic we’ve been experiencing for over 2 years now has made us realize how important it is to get outside once in a while to maintain our sanity, hasn’t it?

For American homeowners, this can mean looking for brand new ways to make the most of their backyards. An appealing aspect of outdoor living can be a bespoke outdoor kitchen – part of the bigger indoor-outdoor living movement – where homeowners are looking for ways to bring both comfort and functionality of indoor living space…outside.

And tell me, is there a better way of enjoying your outdoor space than cooking and eating right there?

But let’s be honest here.

Like any other substantial new addition to your home, an outdoor kitchen can be a hefty investment. Between planning, financing, designing, and installing, the whole process can take a good few months to complete.

But the result though – it’s undeniable. A stunning, fully functional outdoor kitchen and a better quality of life.

In this blog, we will discuss the top reasons why you should invest in an outdoor kitchen in 2022.

An Outdoor Kitchen Is The Best Place For Entertainment

When it boils down to entertaining your guests, and particularly outdoor entertaining, there’s nothing that can beat the versatility of an outdoor kitchen. If you’re the kind of person who loves to host and throw parties, an outdoor kitchen is undeniably well worth the investment.

As you already know, most modern outdoor kitchens come fully equipped with a wide variety of amenities and appliances, including pizza ovens, smokers, outdoor bars, and even more.

And with an endless number of options, each homeowner can conjure their own ultimate outdoor entertaining space.

Wouldn’t you agree that there’s no greater feeling for any homeowner than having a home setup that you’re truly proud of?

An outdoor kitchen helps do just that, in addition to providing you unmatched comfort and respite from the noise of the world.

An Outdoor Kitchen Will Increase Your Home Value

Outdoor kitchens are undoubtedly a big investment upfront, but they will also increase the value of your home and have a high rate of return on investment by many folds.

The outdoor kitchen trend is not a fad anymore – it’s on a steep rise and is not going away anytime soon.

According to a survey done by Casual Living Magazine, more than 49% of homeowners have already added outdoor living and a cooking area to their homes.

On top of that, of the people who reported that they don’t have a BBQ island or an outdoor kitchen, more than 25% shared that they were anticipating adding one within a year.

Using high-quality materials, specifically stainless steel, is the key to the amount of value your outdoor kitchen adds. That’s because stainless steel cabinets and appliances are built to withstand the elements from the salty coastal air to the harshest desert sun and chilling winters.

So, if you are considering adding a couple of new outdoor appliances to your outdoor space, like a built-in grill, you can get the most bang for the back by installing a full-fledged outdoor kitchen at the same time.

By investing in an outdoor kitchen, you will directly be putting your beautiful home in line with the latest trending kitchen remodels but with a much lower price tag.

According to experts, exterior space for dining, cooking, and entertaining is usually far more affordable than adding interior space to your home.

Reportedly, outdoor kitchens can nationally return 100% to 200% of the improvement cost.

An Outdoor Kitchen Encourages Spending More Time Outside

Living in the fast lane every single day of our lives, it’s quite easy to get caught up in going through the motions of performing all the duties that we have to: going to work, taking kids to school, running errands, cleaning the home, the list just goes on and on…

Honestly, how many days do you have where you realize that you have barely taken a moment for yourself? Or that you spent all day busy indoors instead of relaxing outdoors and enjoying the beautiful nature?

For me, one of the best reasons for building an outdoor kitchen is that it pushes you to make a habit of unwinding at the end of the day.

Give your dinners a refresh with al fresco dining. With an outdoor kitchen, sharing a meal outside will become an event to look forward to.

And let’s not forget the dozens of benefits that come with squeezing in some outdoor time regularly – increased intake of essential vitamin D, improved moods, increased concentration, higher levels of creativity, and decreased stress.

These are just a handful of effects you can expect as a result of spending more time outdoors, according to Harvard Medical School.

An Outdoor Kitchen Creates More Excuses To Get Your Grill On

Naturally, when your dinner setting has been reinvigorated, your dinner menu too will experience some positive changes. After all, there’s quite nothing like relishing a delicious meal al fresco with your loved ones on a warm summer’s night.

And as most outdoor kitchens come equipped with state of art, built-in grills, you will have one more excuse to try out all the fresh and lip-smacking recipes that summer brings.

From cedar-plank salmon to simple corn on the cob, your dining routine won’t be the only thing to improve with the installation of an outdoor kitchen – your waistline may too!

An Outdoor Kitchen Allows For More Quality Family Time Spent Outdoors

Most nights, corralling your loved ones or family around the dinner table seems like an impossible task, doesn’t it? You’d be lucky if you get a few bites of last night’s leftover pizza white catching up on your favorite Netflix shows.

So, by investing in an outdoor kitchen, you will be investing in a family gathering space. In other words, you will be investing in making time for your loved ones.

And you really can’t put a price tag on that, can you?

Irrespective of whether you’re looking to upgrade your outdoor entertainment area, encourage more family time, or just find a reason to spend more time outside, an outdoor kitchen in your home is a great asset.

An Outdoor Kitchen Enhances Your Health And Wellness

The most amazing reason to invest in an outdoor kitchen is that you will end up investing in your health and wellness, as well as that of your family members.

Essentially, when you are building an outdoor kitchen in your home, you’re creating an opportunity to spend more time outdoors, and all the health advantages that accompany it.

For instance, when you spend more quality time outdoors in the company of your newly renovated backyard, you can experience scientifically proven advantages like improved memory and concentration, rejuvenated mental energy, reduced stress level, sharper thinking, and concentration.

And isn’t your and your family’s health and wellness the most important things you can invest in?

So, while the cost of an outdoor kitchen does require at least a few thousand dollars to build, investing in one will certainly pay off exponentially in the future.

An Outdoor Kitchen Increases Your Living Space

With the installation of an outdoor kitchen, your cooking area and outdoor entertaining space increase in size. Take a moment and think of all the times you’ve pondered about how nice it would be to have a larger space to cook in, spend time with friends and family, and entertain in.

Indeed, you can easily invest money in remodeling or expanding your home’s indoor kitchen, but choosing to create an outdoor kitchen is a far more cost-effective option.

Part of the reason that backyard kitchens have soared in popularity is that they profoundly expand the size of your home.

In a sense, when you are investing in an outdoor kitchen, you are practically building a new room – a beautiful room that’s outdoors yet fully functional to eat and relax in.

If you have a knack for entertaining, an outdoor kitchen won’t just expand your outdoor space but will also immensely impress your guest.

And by way of return on investment, your brand new outdoor kitchen can heavily lower the expense of eating at restaurants. Hosting dinner parties and events at the comforts of your own home will suddenly become far more appealing than dining out.