Top Grilling Trends To Try Now

With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the restaurant industry suffered a lot. Barbecue joints, as well as fine dining restaurants, were impacted. Rising meat prices, labor shortages, mask polemics, and social distancing it’s worth considering why anyone would want to stay in business. However, American barbecue not only survives but also proliferates around the world. American barbecue joints continue to navigate their recovery from the pandemic. Discover the top 2022 grilling trends here.

Barbeque varies by type of meat, rub, sauce or flavors. It also depends on when these things are added, the cooking temperature and time, and the role that the smoke plays. Equipment and fuel also contribute to the taste. The meat that is used can either be whole, processed into kebabs or sausage, or ground. You can either rub the meat with spices or marinate it. It can also be basted with oil or spices before, after, or during the cooking.

Here are a few top 2022 grilling trends to try out.

Pellet Grilling (grilling trends)

A pellet grill is a great option for everyone who wishes to take their grilling game a level higher. Pellet grill offers more options for grilling and cooking as compared to other standard electric grills. A pellet grill can sear, smoke, bake and grill so that one can make a perfect batch of cookies or steak. It is going to make it to the list of top 2022 grilling trends.

It performs exactly like an indoor oven and uses wood pellets made out of sawdust. They are compressed in the form of a pellet to use as fuel. Pellets can be made out of various types of wood that enable you to add flavors of that specific wood type that you like. Pellets are quite small and work very efficiently. Pellet grills use food-grade pellets that are completely made from hardwood. They contain no additives, even though some manufacturers might use vegetable oil or soybean oil as a lubricant. Since food-grade pellets are small in size and because of their composition, they burn cleanly, thus producing a mild smoky flavor. Wood pellet varieties include maple, oak, alder, apple, mesquite, cherry, pecking, and hickory. Some pellet grills also have provision for Wi-Fi enabled controls that enable you to remotely monitor the grill.

Flat-Top Grilling

The large and uniform cooking surface enables you to cook various types of food at the same time. Flat-top grills have an even cooking surface that helps to keep the juices and sauces in touch with the food. It is perfect for entertaining a large crowd. You can also cook up breakfast for your own family as you can griddle pancakes, cook eggs and fry some bacon all at one time. Flat top grills are getting more and more popular and will make a major trend in 2022.

A flat-top cooking grill is a cooking appliance that looks like a griddle. It performs differently, however, since the heating element is circular and not straight. This technology creates a very hot and even surface for cooking, as the heat spreads radially across the surface. These grills have been around for ages in various forms and evolved in various cultures. They are ideal for several cooking techniques like roasting, sautéing, shallow frying, simmering, browning, stir-frying, blackening, pan-frying, braising, baking, roasting, and flambeing. Additionally, pan and pots can be directly placed on the cooking surface. Apart from the standard barbecue food such as hot dogs, hamburgers, and sausages, it can also be used to cook more delicate items such as paninis, omelets, crepes, yakisoba noodles, fish tacos, pizza, Flatbread, crab cakes, jerk chicken, and sautéed vegetables. Flat-Top grills use less fuel and require less heat to cook food. Also, they release little to no smoke in the atmosphere since foods and juices are prevented from directly dripping onto the burner elements. Many seafood restaurants choose this type of grilling equipment because of their consistency, capacity, and flexibility.

Custom Outdoor Kitchens (grilling trends)

Apart from the equipment, the landscape in which grilling is done will also evolve in the coming year. Outdoor kitchens are gaining more popularity day by day. People love to host family and friends in their backyards or any outdoor area. Outdoor kitchens include wall panels, grills, countertops, appliances, and so on. There are various pre-design options and customization design options available in the market. Outdoor Kitchens also add value to your homes.

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